Friday, October 18, 2013

Higgys Bears at Lyndhurst

I know it's a bit short notice but ............. just wanted to let you all know about Lyndhurst, the Hampshire Teddy Bear Fair. It takes place this Sunday 20 th October 2013, in the Community Centre, just off the High St. SO43 7NY.  11 a.m. 'til 4 p.m.
This event is hosted by Lesley and Andrew, and on Sunday all the "Pudsey Friends" will be on display.
This event has car park, coffee shop, WiFi and of course................... lots and lots of lovely teddy bears for you to fall in love with and add to your very own "Hug"
Pop along and say "Hi" always love to see old friends and make new ones XXX
Higgy Hugs,
For more info on this event go to
For more Higgys Bears go to

Saturday, September 7, 2013

Higgys Bears are going to Hugglets

It's that time of year again! This Sunday, 8 th Sept . all my latest creations are off on a day trip to the big city, Kensington Town Hall, London W8 7NX . This most prestigous of events on the Teddy Bear Fest. calendar starts at 10.30 a.m. 'til 4 p.m.
If you go to you can see some of my latest designs like Darcy the ballet style bear, Paddy, who's just looking for a friend and Wilby, who's my biggest and most cuddliest bear, at 18 inches tall.
I would love to see you at this event. Don't forget to come by and say 'Hi' in Hall 4, stand 123.
See you Sunday.
Higgy Hugs
Emeilia xx

Friday, July 5, 2013

Higgys Front Cover

Fantastic news............................

"Amereti " one of my latest designs has been chosen for the front cover of the next issue of the Teddy Bear Times mag. due out on 18th July, how fantastic is that !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I can't stop grinning..........................I wonder why : ))))))))))))))))))

Higgy Hugs to you all,

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Higgys Bears are off to Alton, Hampshire

Hi everyone,
Just a quick update to let you know that lots of new bears will be going down to Alton Hampshire on Saturday 22nd June, the event will take place in the Assembly Rooms, for all the info go to and click on my Shows and Awards page it's all there.
I have new designs and new fabrics to tempt you all including several Higgys Little Hugs as requested : ))))))))
Pop along and say Hi, I'd love to see you all,
Until next time
Higgy Hugs, Emelia XXXXXXXXX

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Higgys Bears go to Lyndhurst

Hi everyone,
I've been very busy creating lots of new bears for your delight : ))))))))))
Look out for Lady Jane along with Mortimer, Abigail and Forget Me Knot to name just a few .
They would all love to meet you at Lyndhurst Community Centre, Hampshire, SO43 7NY
Opening 10. 30am to 4 p.m  on Sunday 19th May
Hope to see you there,
Higgy Hugs,

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Higgys Bears goes Vintage

Hi Every one,
I have just put a selection of Vintage Bears on my site at
My Higgys Little Hugs are finding new homes fast so I'm sorry I don't have such a large selection as usual.

When I've finished the spring cleaning : (((((((((( I'll be well away again,

Meanwhile I do have a little sweetie called "Dulcie" awaiting her announcement to you all. I'm hoping to get her up on my site this week !! I'll say no more , you'll just have to wait to meet her XX

I'm working hard creating new designs for Lyndhurst ( formerly Minstead) New Forest, 19 th May,
Don't forget to put that date in your diary XX

Well, for now I must dash,
Until next time,
Higgy Hugs,
Emelia XXXXX

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Higgys Bears birthday celebrations

I can't believe it ,
I think I'm on the right road and dare I say it, things are going to plan : ))

On 29 th March 2013 it's Higgys Bears 5th birthday, quite an achievement in the Teddy Bear world,  (so I 'm told !!)

To celebrate this event I have reduced 17 of my beautiful bears so that you too can join in the fun.

It all starts on THURSDAY 21st MARCH at 10.00. a.m. and ends at 8.00 p.m. on THURSDAY 28 th MARCH.

So to be a part of this event go to at 10.00.a.m. on Thursday 21st March where you will be able to see all the Higgys Bears that are taking part in the 5th Birthday Celebrations XXX
Look forward to seeing you there,
Don't delay because when they're gone they're gone !!!!
Until 10.00 a.m. on 21st,
Higgy Hugs

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Higgys Bears and Hugglets

Well, what a day we had, many many thanks to all those that made the journey and stopped by to say Hi  XX
Loads of Higgys Bears found new homes and I hope that they are all settled in !!
I know some of them can be a bit mischief ve us : )))))))
I look forward to seeing you again at Hugglets in September XXX
Until next time,
Higgy Hugs,
Emelia XXX

Monday, February 4, 2013

Higgys Bears prepare for Hugglets

Hi everyone,
I've been working very hard lately designing and creating lots of new Higgys Bears for you all to see at Hugglets on 24th Feb. at Kensington Town Hall, London. W8 7NX
The event opens at 10.30 a.m. and closes at 4 p.m.

I have a limited amount of FREE tickets so if you would like one or two get in touch via with your name and address and I will gladly pop them in the post to you .

Also if you would like to view some of my latest bears going for a day trip to London click on  I've just added "Mindy"," Malloy" and "Truman" enjoy XX

Well, still lots to do so must get on : ))
Until next time,
Higgy Hugs

Monday, January 14, 2013

New Year for Higgys Bears and Hugglets

Hi everyone and a very Happy New Year to you all, all be it a little belated !!
It's been a bit hectic here, Christmas was incredible and as we started the new year it just hasn't stoppped, with orders for Hugglets and more.

I have lots of new fabrics and new ideas racing around in my head so keep an eye on the web-site of to see my latest creations.

However, as all you hardened Higgys Bears fans out there will know Hugglets means lots of bears,so I will have to concentrate on this Fair for a while, but I hope to see you there on Sun. 24th Feb. 2013 at Kensington Town Hall , come and see all the latest designs in the fur and maybe have a cuddle, if you dare !! : ))))
To visit Hugglets site go to for further information.

Also  nominees for the Toby awards to be published this week !! I will keep you updated.

That's all for now,
Until next time,
Higgy Hugs,