Sunday, April 28, 2013

Higgys Bears goes Vintage

Hi Every one,
I have just put a selection of Vintage Bears on my site at
My Higgys Little Hugs are finding new homes fast so I'm sorry I don't have such a large selection as usual.

When I've finished the spring cleaning : (((((((((( I'll be well away again,

Meanwhile I do have a little sweetie called "Dulcie" awaiting her announcement to you all. I'm hoping to get her up on my site this week !! I'll say no more , you'll just have to wait to meet her XX

I'm working hard creating new designs for Lyndhurst ( formerly Minstead) New Forest, 19 th May,
Don't forget to put that date in your diary XX

Well, for now I must dash,
Until next time,
Higgy Hugs,
Emelia XXXXX