Monday, April 11, 2011

Higgys Bears loved Caterham

Well, Caterham was indeed a different type of venue for us, and, It was a lovely day, that included the weather, there were lots of visitors meandering through the hall ways of the Arc, and the atmosphere was friendly and most of them wanted to know more about Artist Bears, but you have to consider that this was the first time that this Craft and Teddy Bears Fair had taken place, so I do think that by next year when word gets about this may be a bigger Fair. One more thing I would have to say is that the Fair itself was very well organised, there were lots of young people on hand all day to give you a hand if needed and altogether it was an extremely pleasant atmosphere. Higgys Bears had a great day out, xxx

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Higgys at Caterham

Well, Caterham is only a few days away and I've been working very hard to finish some new designs. I've made 2 new designs in plush synthetic, not quite as easy task as I had first thought, but then we all know what thought did don't we !!! But, I have to say that the end result is very pleaseing. Maisie is a purple, white tip fabric bear with a scissor sculpted face and I added a crocheted bear for company, then there's Snuggles a tan coloured fabric bear with white tips, he too has a scissor sculpted face and a lovely button embelished pillow to rest his oh so tired head on. These 2 bears can be seen on my website on my Higgys at Caterham page. Both of these bears, and lots more of my creations will be at the Craft and Teddy Bear Fair at The Arc, Caterham, Surrey, on Sat. 9th. April 2011 from 10.00am - 4.00pm. If you find yourself in Caterham on Saturday feel free to pop along and say Hi, I'd love to see you there xx