Monday, August 6, 2012

Higgys head for Hugglets

Hi to everyone,
After a couple of weeks R and R (and of course sourcing out new ideas ) I'm concentrating on the big one : ))))))))))))) Of course that can only mean "Hugglets"
I've found some lovely furry fabrics and also some beautiful print cotton fabrics, my husband was quite devastated when he heard me say  that I was going to fade some of it to create an old fashioned feel !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Now with hols. over I am fully concentrated on Hugglets on 9th Sept 2012 at Kensington Town Hall, London, this is the biggest and best bear fair for my latest and of course your favourite bears : ))))))))
I have new designs in different fabrics and keep an eye out for the Elephant!!!!!!!!!
Well I must go I have lots to do,
Until next time,
Higgy Hugs, Emelia XXXXXXXXXXXXX

To find out more about Higgys Bears at Hugglets go to  and click onto Festivals.