Thursday, October 11, 2012

Higgys Bears at Bath

Hi everyone,
well I can't believe it's over, I was soooo looking forward to our visit to the Panda Party at House of Bears - Bath, now it's been and gone !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
However the great news is that "Shadow" my donated bear sold before I'd bearly got my foot in the shop door!

A lovely lady named " Anna" bought him and asked me to sign the Heart round his neck.
Anna was over the moon and I must say I did have a warm glow inside to think that my little donated bear had gone towards, in some small way,to help the Macmillan Nurses,
Sue does a great job at House of Bears Bath raising money for this most deserving course.

If you are ever in the area look out for "Takoe" and" Yuki", two stunning Panda's that can be found in The House of Bears - Bath

Until next time

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